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We aren't able to accommodate requests for specialized produce boxes. Part of the fun of a CSA is that the customer gets the chance to try new items – or find new ways to cook items you might normally pass up – while at the same time learning what can be grown seasonally and locally.


You are welcome to find a friend, family member or coworker to take your spot while you’re away. Please make sure to let them know the details regarding box pick up. If a box is missed it is the responsibility of the member to contact the farm and request an alternate pick up day and time.  Please be advised that possibility of these requests are very limited as everyone on the farm has multiple jobs and we only guarantee our availability during the pick up slots. To avoid disappointment please make every effort to pick up during your pick up window or have someone else pick up for you.  If we get cancelations at the last minute we will donate to a local family in need.


Unfortunately if you change your mind we can't refund your fees as were just a small family farm that uses the members funds to fund the next season, your welcome to sell your spot to anyone.

Time Frame

The full amount of weeks promised will always be fulfilled but please note that all dates are approximate.  We reserve the right to skip a week or a few weeks to allow crops to catch up or tend to family matters.

Our Products

Our vegetables often do not look like what you find in the grocery store, on a good note, our products do not look or taste like what you find in the grocery store. We grow mostly heirloom varieties they are appreciated for their history, taste and beauty.


Also, we market as much of what we grow as possible even the imperfect. We do not wash any of our produce as we have found that doing so allows the opportunity for bacteria and fungus to take hold much faster than leaving it freshly harvest.  With little exception your produce will be harvested on the day that you receive it so that you get the freshest product possible.  Please don't be afraid of a little mark or a hole in the items you are receiving  or the odd bug or spider as they are grown without pesticides in a natural environment. We require you to meticulously wash all of the produce you get from us before consumption.

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